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Alliance for Democracy at the European Parliament

January 07. 2020

Lecture for employees and interested parties at the European Parliament.

Pictures from the visit of the ADL delegation to the European Parliament


The ADL's diverse activities were led by the President of the ADL, Dr. Bounthone Chanthalavong-Wiese and ADL office manager Marcus Wiese this time to Brussels, where they gave a lecture for members of the EP and interested parties. Contacts between the ADL and members of the European Parliament have grown steadily over the years. The contacts range from the Social Democrats or Socialists to Conservatives and Greens. The ADL regards all democratic parties as partners and contacts for the cause of human rights.

It is part of the task of a democratic organization to show again and again that you have to overcome ideological boundaries and that the dispute must always be about things.

A dispute should never arise about whether a dispute is even allowed. Unfortunately, this is still the case in the Lao People's Republic. There is still argument about whether an argument is even allowed.Unlike in Laos, everything can be discussed in the European countries, even about a change in the system. Dispute is allowed in EU countries unless someone is insulted, discriminated against or threatened.But since almost every dispute in Laos is seen as an insult or threat to the Communist Party, it is almost impossible to argue objectively.

Since this is very difficult for many Europeans to understand, since freedom of expression prevails here in Europe, the ADL holds such information events. The ADL not only shows what problems are in Laos at these events, it also shows how impossible it is for the people of Laos to talk about these problems. The ADL accepts every political statement and deals with it, including that of the communists. The focus is on respect and acceptance. This means that each side must accept that the other side has a different opinion and therefore also show respect, regardless of how the majority decides.

By Marcus Wiese